Globe Edutainment Inc. is a Multi-Media and Edutainment company whose vision is to enhance the values of Adventure, Exploration, Education, and Quality of Life for families all around the world. Our goal is to stimulate curiosity and learning worldwide with our fun and creative methodology. Using our vast experience, cutting-edge technology, worldwide media network, and many years of research, we have successfully developed a broad variety of children and family oriented products.

Our motto is: “Quality First”. We produce a superb children’s animated TV series, children’s educational virtual world, “NEW TECHNOLOGY” based reading devices that can interact with books and games, and high quality toys, CDs and DVDs. Everyone deserves the best and Globe Edutainment strives to offer each child and family this opportunity. Globe Edutainment Inc. currently includes three major Brands. Each brand offers a unique product and technology enhancing the Globe Edutainment experience.